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About Craig’s Custom Mustang Brackets: 30 of the 50 U.S. States require a front license plate to be displayed. Ford has designed the stock Mustang front fascia’s with pre-molded dimples (in most cases) which provide a means/location to attach the license plate using boring type screws. Not only does this ruin your front fascia, it can reasonably reduce the possibility of resale of the car to potential customers from one of the other 20 states and what if you relocate to one of these other 20 states. Now you’re left with two ugly holes in the front of your car.

My business was started with my own need for a means to attach a front license plate bracket to my own car.  I know first hand that drilling into the front fascia of your new Hot Rod is absolutely something you do not want to do. When I purchased a new 2007 Saleen S-281SC, I had this dilemma, so I created my own custom brackets. This bracket is laser cut from 16ga stainless steel plate or aluminum and comes with all stainless steel hardware. What does that mean? “No rust, no corrosion and show quality!” The bracket has rubber bumper protection in place, so no metal parts of the bracket ever touch the painted portion of the car. What does that mean? “No scratches and no annoying vibrating sounds!”

So if you’ve “Been tempting fate without a front plate”, the small amount you pay now will be much less painful than the $75-$150 you will pay later in traffic citation fees and court costs. And it looks good also!

About Craig: I recently retired in Sept. of 2015 from the world’s finest United States Navy having served our country for nearly 28 years of dedicated and faithful service. I enjoy being a part of the Mustang community and look forward to continuously growing my business.

Note: All sales are via this internet website only and are drop shipped via USPS. Local purchases and pickups are available if arranged before hand. 

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We’ve been in business 14 years this month! I look forward to serving the Mustang community for the next 14 years and seeing what new front bumper challenges Ford and other automakers bring me in the future.  Thank you very much for all the business...READ MORE

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