Bracket Installation & Removal

Before installing, please make sure that you have read the damage disclaimer. By following the easy steps below, the entire installation or removal should take no more than 10 minutes. During the process, take great care not to scratch your vehicle while installing the bracket. This license plate bracket is mounted to the car using (2) wing nuts and locking washers for easy install/removal but do not provide the security that nylon locking nuts do.


Powder coated style brackets require very little to no maintenance, just an occasional wipe down with a wet cloth to clean and a periodic tightness check of the wing nuts should be accomplished.  If you have any questions, comments or need assistance, please contact me.

Download Bracket Instructions (05-09 Mustang)
(PDF format)

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Align the license plate with the two top holes on the bracket and attach the license plate to the bracket using the supplied hardware.


Remove the two wing nuts, lock washers and compression plate.

Under the bumper front fascia and just forward of the metal bumper is a Styrofoam/plastic insert. Gently pull the insert forward, approx 1/4″ away from the metal bumper by squeezing your fingers between the bumper and Styrofoam/plastic insert. You will see a 1″ flat metal lip extending down from the main structure of the square metal tubular bumper.

NOTE: In some cases, depending on the density of the insert material, it may require a little effort to separate the Styrofoam/plastic insert from the bumper.

(On some models, you will not see as much of the insert exposed as you see in the below pictures. You will have to reach up behind the fascia to feel the insert).

Slide the rubberized portion of the bracket up between the bumper insert and bumper lip until the rubber cushions on the bracket contact the bottom of the fascia.

Center the bracket and license plate on the front bumper by moving the bracket side to side.

Install the compression plate.

NOTE: (Do not expose the 3M tape adhesive when test fitting the bracket, only when ready for final installation)

Peel off the red portion of 3M tape exposing adhesive strip. Align the compression plate securing bolts, from the main bracket, through the compression plate holes. (A minor adjustment of the bracket, up or down, may be required to align the holes properly and to ensure that the 3M tape is making full contact with the bumper lip. The 3M tape should face towards the bumper lip. Taking care not to let 3M tape touch bumper lip, aligned the holes. Once the holes are properly aligned, fully seat the compression plate against the lip of the bumper, allowing the compression plate mounting studs to pass through the compression plate and the 3M tape to adhere to the bumper lip.

NOTE: The compression plate mounting studs should not be removed or adjusted.

Install the lock washers and wing nuts. Tighten the compression plate wing nuts to secure the bracket to the bumper.

TIP: The install/removal process is much easier if you use the included wing nuts and lock washers. Nylon locking nuts provide better security and may not require periodic inspection.

Below is a correctly installed bracket. If you have followed the directions above, the license plate should be centered on the front bumper. Adjust if necessary.

Step Three: REMOVAL

To remove your license plate bracket, simply remove the wing nuts and lock washers.

Push the compression plate bottom edge up and away from the bracket bolts. (This may require a little force to partially release the 3M tape). The compression plate will remain attached to the bumper lip unless you completely remove it. I recommended that you leave the compression plate attached. It makes for quick install and removal and will prevent the 3M tape from being over used.

Taking care not to scratch the vehicle, gently slide the bracket out from between the bumper lip and bumper Styrofoam insert.

NOTE: After multiple install/removals, the 3M double sided adhesive tape may need to be replaced.

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